Window Co. (North Roxboro Road)

Charlie always said to people worried about bad luck that a piece of glass is not a mirror, even if it sometimes serves as one. And a son is the same as his father, though their reflections may be similar, and though they may cast a similar shadow.

North Carolina State Fair

Other things not to look to closely at: the largest pig or the smallest woman in the world, the trash cans, the bunny barn. I would not recommend the bunny barn at all, in fact, unless you like being stared at by billions of red beady eyes.

Durham County Detention Facility

Freedom is being able to just turn your back, to just walk away -  maybe pulling a cigarette out of your pocket as you go, lighting it so the smoke drifts back behind you. That last part would be sort of a bonus. But being able to walk away, yeah. That'd be enough for me.

White Star

Life is a messy and inarticulate run towards the inevitable. Art was invented to defy this reality and give it other names. 

So were laundromats. 

Eno Rock Quarry

Whatever was lying at the bottom of that quarry, Caroline thought – bones, bullets, the remnants of happy and unhappy lives – they were sleeping now, washed in a kind of quiet that only the dead know.

West Parrish Street

A city where the sweet dank smell of tobacco no longer hangs in the air, where the sound of a mill whistle would be alarming, instead of the welcome signal to the end of a long, sweat soaked work day.

Hicks Street

... .And the babies and children, if they wake too,  sit next to their parents on the stoop, because it’s too hot to sit on someone’s lap, and they watch the moon or listen to the slip and whisper of their parents’ voices.